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The A.S.P.E.N. Pediatric Nutrition Support Core Curriculum, 1st Ed. [print version]
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Editor-in-Chief: Mark R. Corkins,


The A.S.P.E.N. pediatric core curriculum focuses on the pediatric patient and the

importance of nutrition to the growth and development of children. It is written with an

interdisciplinary evidence-based approach and is designed to meet the educational needs of any discipline involved in the nutrition care of pediatric patients.


This curriculum is designed to logically progress from the basic nutrition physiology and changes that occur during development to the skills needed to provide appropriate nutrition for pediatric patients. In each chapter, didactic tools like learning objectives stress important information and “test your knowledge” questions help measure whether the important concepts were acquired. This is a valuable resource for certification preparation and the daily nutrition care of pediatric patients. The curriculum covers:

·         Introductory information about the mechanics of nutrition intake and changes that occur with development

·         Age-specific nutrition from fetal development through childhood/adolescence

·         Various disease states that affect the pediatric population and related nutrition issues

·         Nutrition care of the pediatric patient

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