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DA10-1167M Medical Problems and Adverse Drug Events in Psychiatric Inpatients with ID
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Medical Problems and Adverse Drug Events in Psychiatric Inpatients with ID

Lauren Charlot, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA


In this presentation, findings from a retrospective, descriptive study of psychiatric inpatients with ID are shared. The aim of the investigation was to explore the type and frequency of medical problems and Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) in individuals with ID/MH (Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health disorders). In Part I, researchers tallied the discharge medical diagnoses and admission medications of 198 consecutive unduplicated stays on an acute care locked inpatient psychiatric unit, dedicated to serving individuals with ID. In Part II of the study, 74 randomly selected charts from the initial sample were reviewed in depth to ascertain the rate of probable ADEs. A very high rate of treatable and preventable medical prob­lems and ADEs were detected. A substantial proportion of the inpatients were identified as having experienced a medical problem that was the main cause of the need for the inpatient stay, either due to the direct effects of the illness, or indirectly related to physical distress provoking agitated behavior. In addition to a review of the findings, case examples are presented to illustrate the nature of some of the more commonly identified problems. A proposed prospective investigation using a specialized screening tool to detect common medical problems and ADEs is also discussed.


Produced in 2010