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Spotlight on You the Member - Download
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Updated to confirm to the 11th Edition of Robert's Rules or Order Newly Revised


Members join organizations for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, it is assumed they all want to be good members. Learning a few basic rules will help avoid displaying a lack of knowledge of customs and will help you understand the processes which prevail in well-organized societies. You can then be a productive member of any group.

The information in this download will alert you to 25 expectations presumed of good members, members’ roles and responsibilities in the decision-making process, and their rights as members. Details include how members participate in meetings, the method to make effective motions, and members’ roles in nominations and elections.

You are undoubtedly a member of an organization and looking for some help in being a responsible member (or you wouldn’t be at this website). If so, this download will get you started.

The Spotlight series of booklets present essential information on specific topics, supplementing easy-to-read information with practical advice not found in parliamentary authorities. These booklets are great resources for members who are newly elected or appointed to an office or committee.