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Spotlight on You the Parliamentarian - Download
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Updated to conform to the 11th Edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised



All too often, an organization has an “honorary” officer position called Parliamentarian, with little or no function in helping to run a meeting. Quite the contrary, a parliamentarian has a valid and important responsibility to advise the president on procedures and effective meeting management skills. An appointed or hired parliamentarian should know parliamentary rules as well as (or better than) the person conducting the meeting.

This document includes information to help parliamentarians perform their tasks more effectively and with less stress. It begins with a complete list of expectations/duties of a parliamentarian, provides pointers for a person to understand how rules govern organizations, plus offers a myriad of suggestions to help someone carry out the functions of a convention parliamentarian.

A dozen FAQs are answered and a chart of motions is provided to help any parliamentarian perform their job more effectively.


The Spotlight series of booklets present essential information on specific topics, supplementing easy-to-read information with practical advice not found in parliamentary authorities. These booklets are great resources for members who are newly elected or appointed to an office or committee.