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Breakout Session (8): Outliers & Black Swans-Preparing Your Organization for the Next Systemic Shock
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Outliers and Black Swans: Preparing Your Organization for the Next Systemic Shock

Alan Pendleton | President & Co-Founder | ArenaCX

There may not be another event exactly like that of the last year, but the past few decades have shown that black swan events can and do happen. Choosing to ignore these events in our models and plans for the future, by excluding them as outliers, is risky and unwise. How can we prepare our business teams to swiftly respond when inevitable shocks occur? During this session, Alan Pendleton of ArenaCX will discuss key ways business leaders should approach their organizations to make them more resilient and prepared to handle the unexpected, with ease.

Breakout Session Recording from the 2021 Fall Symposium: Emerging Horizons