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Hockey Skating 1 Certificate
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  • You must read the requirements below and ensure you meet both of the requirements. Refunds will not be given if a person registers for an exam they are not qualified for.
  • Safari is not compatible with the e-learning software. Please use a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc).
  • You will have one (1) attempt to pass
  • The Hockey Skating 1 Manual and classroom notes are the study guides for this exam and are included with the cost of the exam
  • The Hockey Skating 1 certificate is not a CER exam or rating
  • Exam access will expire after 365 days


PSA Hockey Skating 1 Certificate Requirements:

1) Must be a current member of PSA
2) Must have attended a PSA approved education program or completed four (4) e-learning courses within one (1) year prior to taking the exam


Course Description: 

This course is designed to assist professional figure skating coach's transition into coaching hockey players. The course consists of three parts: the Hockey Skating I manual, classroom notes, and a 50 question exam. The classroom notes will add additional information not covered in the manual and give a more in-depth discussion on other topics. Successfully completion of this course will allow you to take Hockey Skating 2 course online.


Exam Description:

The exam for Hockey Skating 1 will consist of 50 questions derived from the Hockey Skating 1 manual. The exam is "open book," and the exam is NOT timed. However, once the exam is started, it may not be exited until it is completed. If the exam is exited before it is completed and submitted, the system will not save the answers and the exam will fail. To take the exam again, a registration fee must be paid again.

A passing grade of 80% (40 of the 50 questions correct) is required to earn credit for the course. In the event that you do not achieve a passing grade of 80%, the exam cannot be retried.  The Hockey Skating 1 manual content should be reviewed before attempting the exam again.