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Center Membership

Centers across the country offering equine-assisted activities and therapies can gain access to the support, promotion and education offered through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International by becoming a PATH International center. 


All centers must have on staff either a PATH International Certified Instructor or a PATH International Instructor in Training (IT) PRIOR to joining PATH International as a center member. 


After joining PATH International the center is required to follow certain membership requirements (listed below) and adhere to PATH International’s high standards for safety and professionalism. 



Center Membership benefits include:

o        One FREE PATH International Instructor Certification Application fee

o        FREE access to the PATH International Volunteer course

o        Three copies of the PATH International’s Strides magazine per


o        Listing and referral service from the PATH International website

o        Access to low-cost liability and event insurance benefits

o        Annual updates to the PATH International Standards for Certification & Accreditation when new edition published

o        Ability to participate in the PATH International awards program

o        Opportunity to achieve premier accredited status

o        Discounted education materials and events

o        Discounted merchandise

o        Access to grant information through the Foundation Directory online (available in the Member’s Only section)



Center Membership Dues (new center dues, renewal fees are not prorated, dues are based on total operating budget)



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Very Large

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Facts about Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International Center Membership:

o        Center Membership runs January 1st to December 31st.  All centers are required to renew their center membership by December 31st each year regardless of their joined date.  New center members that join after the first month will pay a pro-rated dues amount for the first year of membership. New center dues are listed above and are not valid with renewals.

o        After one year of membership, center members are eligible to participate in the accreditation program. Centers are not required to participate upon eligibility.  Accreditation fees are not included in the fees shown; they are in addition to center dues.

PATH International Center Membership Requirements:

These requirements apply to all PATH International centers regardless of accreditation status.  Failure to follow these membership requirements may result in loss of center membership.

1.       All PATH International centers must be a center member in good standing.

2.       All instructors at PATH International centers must be Instructors in Training (IT) or hold current PATH International Instructor Certification. (For more information refer to the PATH International Standards for Certification& Accreditation.)

3.       All PATH International centers must have current insurance coverage in effect at all times that meets or exceeds PATH International’s standard (Standard A4.)

4.       All PATH International centers must follow all mandatory and applicable standards.  All PATH International centers are required to be in compliance with all PATH International standards that apply to their program activities.

5.       All PATH International centers must have a signed Annual Statement of Compliance form on file with the association each year.

Membership InformationThis is a Calendar based Membership* This Membership is eligible to be prorated based on the join/start date. If prorated, the term will be shortened and the price will be appropriately reduced.Membership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:6/25/2018Referred By:12/31/2018
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