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AAM Replay November 2017: A Better Way to Webinar! Tips, Tech & Engaging Your Audience!
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Speaker: Raissa Evans
No one sets out to create a bad webinar, they just sort of happen. It's easy to mistake a webinar for an over-the-air presentation, but a successful event requires a completely different way of thinking and preparing.
Join Raissa Evans, founder and chief strategist of Running Reload, to uncover the formula behind the best webinars, which command attention, get people talking and serve as a strong anchor in your firm's content marketing strategy. Done well, webinars are a low-cost way to increase engagement and leads.
So, get ready to turn your phones on silent and close your browser tabs, because in this fast-paced webinar about webinars, you'll walk away with:
  • How to plan a webinar, including choosing the right speaker and setting expectations
  • A content structure that keeps your audience engaged
  • Tips on tech, promotion and presentation that will make you look like a pro!