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Anthology of Biosafety X: Animal Biosafety
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Chapter 1: Expectations of the USDA Animal Care Inspector in Barrier Facilities, Chapter 2: Aerosol Infection of Small Animals—Safety Considerations, Chapter 3: Medical Surveillance for Personnel Working with Animals, Chapter 4: Transport of Infectious Materials, Chapter 5: Animal Biosafety Level 3: Facility Design Considerations, Chapter 6: Road Map to a Successful Program: How to Put It All Together, Chapter 7: Animal Biosafety Level Determinations, Chapter 8: ABSL-3 Caging, Chapter 9: Public Communication and BSL-4 Labs: The UC Davis Experience, Chapter 10: Safety in the Biomedical Laboratory, Chapter 11: Biocontainment Recommendations for Animal Agricultural Pathogens, Chapter 12: A Class III Cabinet BSL-4 Laboratory, Chapter 13: Using Viral Vectors in Animal Research, Chapter 14: Advanced Technologies in Animal Research, Chapter 15: Managing Students and Other Academic Challenges in Animal Biocontainment Facilities, Chapter 16: Meeting the Challenges of High-Containment Animal Care, Chapter 17: Medical Management of Exposures to Biological Threat Agents, Chapter 18: Transport of Animals, Chapter 19: Navigating Through IACUC—IACUC and IACUC-IBC Overlaps: Jointly Sponsored Research and Peer Review of Hazardous Agent Use in Animals, Chapter 20: BMBL: The New Edition, Chapter 21: International Agriculture BSL-3/4 Facilities, Chapter 22: Nonhuman Primate Husbandry and Procedures for ABSL-3 and ABSL-4, Chapter 23: Contract Staffing in Animal Biocontainment Facilities, Chapter 24: IACUC Issues in Biocontainment Research