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Anthology of Biosafety VI: Arthropod Borne Diseases
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Chapter 1: Arthropod Vectors and Their Role in Transmitting Pathogens to Humans and Animals, Chapter 2: Laboratory-acquired Infections, Chapter 3: Biosafety Issues and Solutions for Working with Infected Mosquitoes, Chapter 4: Working Safely with Recombinant Viruses and Vectors, Chapter 5: Protect Yourself and Your Sample: Processing Arbovirus-infected Biting Midges for Viral Detection Assays and Differential Expression Studies, Chapter 6: Isolation of Arboviruses from Field-collected Mosquitoes, Chapter 7: Arthropod Containment Guidelines, Chapter 8: Safe and Secure Handling of Virus-exposed Biting Midges Within a BSL-3-Ag Containment Facility, Chapter 9: An Alkaline Hydrolysis Tissue Digestion System for a BSL-3-Ag Containment Facility, Chapter 10: Organizing and Carrying Out Work with Animals Under Stationary Laboratory and Field Conditions, Chapter 11: Biosafety Practices in Field Research: A Reviewed Experience, Chapter 12: Collaborative Research on Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus at SRCVB “Vector”—Scientific and Biosafety Aspects