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Anthology of Biosafety IX: Exploring the Performance Envelope for BSL-3 & 4 Laboratories
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Chapter 1: Emerging Infections and Healthcare Settings, Chapter 2: Biosafety: Emerging Issues and International Challenges, Chapter 3: The BSL-4 Laboratory: Perspective Verses Reality, Chapter 4: Design and Ongoing Operational Challenges for Building Automation Systems in a Containment Facility, Chapter 5: Steam Effluent Decontamination System, Chapter 6: Design Guidelines for Public Health Laboratory Facilities in Brazil, Chapter 7: Developing a Unit to Care for Patients with Highly Communicable, Serious Infectious Diseases, Chapter 8: The Nebraska Biocontainment Patient Care Unit, Chapter 9: Technological Integration and Development of the Modern Mobile Laboratory, Chapter 10: Certification Process of a Biosafety Level-3 Facility in Nebraska’s State Public Health Laboratory, Chapter 11: Operation of a High-Containment Laboratory Using Select Agents, Chapter 12: Managing Animals in Containment—A Director’s View, Chapter 13: Modern Biological Safety Standards in Tuberculosis Diagnostic (Clinical) Laboratories, Chapter 14: Biosafety Enclosures for Automated Laboratory Equipment, Chapter 15: Performing Small Particle Research in New Environments with Robotic Applications, Chapter 16: Aerobiology Containment Systems, Chapter 17: Decontamination and Disinfection Validation of Viral Agents in an Industrial Environment, Chapter 18: Operating a BSL-3 Facility Under GMPs, Chapter 19: Challenges of GMP Requirements in Containment Design: What do the Regulations Say?