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Anthology of Biosafety V: BSL-4 Laboratories
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Chapter 1: The Evolution of Biosafety from the U.S. Biological Warfare Program (1941-1972), Chapter 2: Anthology of Some Biosafety Aspects in Russia (up to 1960), Chapter 3: Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases: A Global Perspective, Chapter 4: Emergence of Bacterial and Other Zoonoses: Why Always A Surprise?, Chapter 5: Why Does Brazil Need a Biosafety Level 4 Facility?, Chapter 6: Security Considerations for Microbiological and Biomedical Facilities, Chapter 7: Polio Virus Laboratories, Chapter 8: The Polio Facility at SSI in Denmark: GMP and Containment, Chapter 9: A Comparison of Containment Facilities and Guidelines in Russia and the United States, Chapter 10: Working at Biocontainment Level 4—Contain the Operator or Contain the Bug?, Chapter 11: A Class III Cabinet BSL-4 Laboratory, Chapter 12: BSL-4 Laboratory Guidelines, Chapter 13: Class III Cabinet Line in Japan, Chapter 14: Validation of a BSL-4 Laboratory, Chapter 15: Medical Emergency Planning for BSL-4 Containment Facilities, Chapter 16: Monitoring of Specific Contamination of Virology Laboratories During Work with Filoviruses, Chapter 17: Performance Verification of Containment Level 4 Laboratories: The Canadian Approach, Chapter 18: Design and Operation of a High-Containment Sewage Treatment Facility, Chapter 19: Animal Experimentation in Level 4 Facilities, Chapter 20: Animal Necropsy in Maximum Containment