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ACPA’s PerviousPave design software provides results optimized for both structural and stormwater-management requirements by determining:


1) The required minimum thickness for pervious concrete pavement, based on the design traffic, design life, and other structural inputs, and


2) The required subbase/reservoir thickness necessary to satisfy stormwater management requirements, based on the volume of water to be processed by the pavement within the required maximum detention time.


Learn more about PerviousPave, including details on the design methodology.


You are purchasing the install files for PerviousPave on a USB flash drive and a single user license. A serial number will be printed on a card that accompanies the flash drive. The serial number allows a single user to register and activate the software on up to two machines. The USB flash drive will be mailed to you once your order is processed (please allow up to two business days). As an added bonus, the flash drive that you receive will include 30-day trial versions of ACPA's full software suite. 


If you would prefer to download the software immediately and have a serial number emailed to you, please follow this link.


Product Code: SW04
Format: USB Flash Drive with Single User License
Version: 1.0
Copyright: 2011
Compatibility: All Windows Versions and Architecture Types (32/64-bit)