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Membership Details
Manufacturer Membership Category VI: $40M - $50M
Select from the available dues rates for this membership.
Dues Rate:
Member Price$13,891.00
New Member Price$13,891.00
Membership Description

Manufacturer Membership:
Manufacturers of dressing and sauce products as noted below are eligible for membership:

Dressings, sauces and similar products, including: mayonnaise and salad dressings (standard and non-standard, refrigerated and shelf stable, spoonable and/or pourable, regular and calorie- or fat-modified), hummus, dry mixes; sandwich spreads; tartar sauce; and other condiments, such as horseradish, horseradish sauce, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Mexican sauce, seafood sauce, steak sauce, hot sauce and other sauce products, salad products and flavorings; mustards, and dips (refrigerated and non-refrigerated).

Dues paid by Manufacturing members are calculated using the annual gross sales of dressing and sauce products sold during the last fiscal year.

Category VI:  Sales $40,000,001 to $ 41,000,000


Category VI:  Sales $41,000,001 to $42,000,000


Category VI:  Sales $42,000,001 to $43,000,000 $14,170
Category VI:  Sales $43,000,001 to $44,000,000


Category VI:  Sales $44,000,001 to $45,000,000


Category VI:  Sales $45,000,001 to $46,000,000


Category VI:  Sales $46,000,001 to $47,000,000


Category VI:  Sales $47,000,001 to $48,000,000


Category VI:  Sales $48,000,001 to $49,000,000


Category VI:  Sales $49,000,001 to $50,000,000 $15,148

Note: For Federal Income Tax purposes, membership dues and contributions to this Association are deductible as business expenses, not as charitable contributions.

Membership InformationThis is a Calendar based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:2/28/2020Referred By:12/31/2020

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