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2015 State Dealer Protection Laws
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Equipment distributors and manufacturers operate in a complex legal environment and almost every state has laws on the books affecting dealer-manufacturer relations. AED’s State Equipment Distributor Laws book is designed to provide a better understanding of a dealer’s basic legal rights and obligations under state statutes. “AED’s 2015 State Equipment Distributor Laws” book includes new statutes that have been adopted since the last edition in 2013 — and is current as of August 2015. It includes updated legislative history for each law and, where applicable, brief descriptions of court decisions interpreting the various statutes. A chart summarizes major provisions of each state’s dealer statutes and indicates whether a statute requires good cause for termination, requires manufacturers to repurchase equipment from terminated dealers, or requires manufacturers to give dealers advance notice of termination. Several states allow manufacturers to terminate distributors immediately, without advance notice; some require manufacturers to give distributors time to correct the problem that led to termination. In addition, some state statutes establish procedures to govern requests by distributors to transfer their dealerships to family, employees, or third parties; some have special provisions regarding return of surplus parts; and many have adopted provisions relating to dealer warranty work. All of these issues and more, are covered in the book.

The AED State Distributor Law Book is compiled every two years by the AED Government Affairs Office. The 2015 edition is a compilation of laws current as of Aug. 2015. This edition contains more than 70 statutes from the 48 states that currently have some law on the books affecting equipment dealer-manufacturer relations. Only Hawaii, the District of Columbia, and New Jersey had not enacted dealer laws specific to the equipment industry.