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AED Equipment Distributors Rental Operations Benchmarking Practices
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Rentals have emerged as a pivotal revenue stream, a means to enhance market share, and a contributor to profitability within the domain of equipment distribution. However, the available tools for aiding distributors in effectively managing and optimizing the performance of their rental operations are currently lacking. Addressing this need, the Association of Equipment Distributors (AED) has introduced its Rental Report, a comprehensive solution to this existing void.

The foundation of AED's Rental Report is grounded in objective data generously provided by numerous distributors, offering insights into their rental strategies, business models, and operational dynamics. This valuable information was meticulously collated and structured into a survey format for AED members. The ensuing results, presented in both the report and this accompanying document, serve as a definitive benchmarking tool.

The core purpose of the report and this document is to provide AED members with a reliable means of benchmarking their rental operations. By leveraging this data, members can assess the competitiveness of their distributorships and seamlessly integrate these insights into their planning processes for the year 2021. AED strongly encourages its members to utilize this information as a strategic asset to elevate their business strategies and operational efficiency.

Should you have any comments or queries regarding the report or this document, we invite you to reach out to your dedicated AED Regional Manager. Your Regional Manager is available to provide guidance and support, ensuring that you derive maximum benefit from this resource in propelling your rental operations forward.

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