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By endorsing the membership application, either by hand or electronically, and with the submittal of each membership renewal, all members shall agree to comply with Institute’s Bylaws and Book of Rules which include the following terms and conditions:

1. All members shall abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Institute. (

2. The membership certificate is the property of the American Institute of Building Design, and is issued to each qualifying member as proof of membership or class of membership.

3. The membership certificate shall remain in the possession of the member as long as he or she remains a paid member in good standing. Should the member become delinquent in the payment of dues, or should the Board of Directors deem it in the best interest of the Institute to revoke membership, the member will, upon request by the Institute Secretary, return the membership certificate to the Institute as requested. Such person shall also cease using the name and the initials of the American Institute of Building Design in any manner whatsoever.

4. AIBD collects information from its members for inclusion in a national membership directory that is distributed only to the Institute’s members. Access to the national directory information is also available only to AIBD members on the AIBD website. The national directory, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced, sold or distributed to any third parties without the express approval of the AIBD Board of Directors. Members may opt-out of the website directory through their online account or by contacting the national office. Further, AIBD may occasionally enter into agreements to provide limited data to third parties offering exclusive member benefit programs that include products and services available to AIBD members; such as HP, UPS, etc.

5. The contact information of members joined in the Professional Member category is made available to the public on the AIBD website. Searches are done by state or zip code with various radial distance options. Members are identified in the search by their primary address as provided in the AIBD database. Members may manage their personal information in the database through their online account or may opt-out of the public search option by contacting the AIBD national office.

6. Members may reference being a member of AIBD or their membership level in AIBD and use the Institute logo as it relates to their business or credentials. Only Certified Professional members may use the Institute’s acronym as a designation after their name.

7. In connection with all AIBD activities, all members shall conduct themselves in the following manner:

a. Represent themselves and the Institute in a highly professional manner during industry meetings – considering opposing views, maintaining decorum and abiding by the rules of the chair.

b. Treat all members, staff and guests with dignity, courtesy and respect.

c. Avoid conduct or comments that could be construed as sexual or racial harassment or discrimination.

d. Work with members to promote the enhancement, development and awareness of the residential and building design professions.

8. Membership in the Institute is a competitive value in and of itself, and may not be used, actually or potentially, for anti-competitive purposes.

9. Members may voluntarily resign their membership mid-term. Membership dues in the current membership year will not be refunded.

10. This agreement shall be fully performable at the national office of the American Institute of Building Design. The laws of the District of Columbia shall govern this agreement, and for purposes of enforcing this agreement only, any court in the District of Columbia shall have personal jurisdiction over the undersigned.

11. If it becomes necessary for the American Institute of Building Design to initiate legal proceedings to recover the certificate, or roster, or to enjoin the use of the certificate, or roster, the American Institute of Building Design shall be entitled to recover all court costs, attorneys’ fees, and damages. Membership dues in the current membership year of the proceedings will not be refunded.

12. Notice shall be deemed sufficient hereunder if it is mailed via U.S. mail, certified, return receipt requested, to the person’s home or business address as it appears in the latest roster or to the latest address that the person has supplied to the American Institute of Building Design.

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Educator Membership
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