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Membership figures quoted below include national dues, society dues (if applicable), state and national initiation fees. When choosing the proper dues level, review first to see if you reside in a state with a society. Otherwise, choose "At Large." The choices are listed in order of dues value.

House Plan Marketing Alliance
Sorry for the inconvenience, this item is no longer available.

$125.00 $125.00
Membership Description

The House Plan Marketing Alliance is a council, established within the American Institute of Building Design, created to unite, promote and protect the interests of its members, customers and the pre-drawn house plan industry, as well as create a forum for discussion between designers, publishers and affiliates.


HPMA members can take advantage of the following opportunities:


Copyright and patent awareness, education and resources

Pre-drawn plan industry best practices, resources and education

Industry and consumer surveys to provide market information for members

Building code guidelines and advocacy


Membership in the Council is open to members and non-members of AIBD. Membership is by company, therefore, anyone or everyone at your firm may participate in the Council activities.


All members must agree to abide by the HPMA Public Obligation Policy and the AIBD Code of Ethics & Conduct. CLICK HERE TO VIEW


To download a paper application and pay by check click HERE.


To apply TODAY, simply provide the information requested below and "Add to Cart."

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Do you agree to abide by the HPMA Public Obligation Policy and the AIBD Code of Ethics?To view the policy and code visit:
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