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Paintings Group Postprints Vol. 15 (2002) Electronic
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The Paintings Specialty Group Postprints Vol. 15 (2002) include papers from the session presenters and highlights from the tips shared during the Paintings Specialty Group lunch at AIC's 30th Annual Meeting in Miami, FL.


Kenneth B. Katz, The Removal of Multiple Layers of Overpaint without the Use of Toxic Solvents (p. 1)

Nica Gutman and Mark Tucker, Thomas Eakins and the Pursuit of "True Tones" (p. 3)

Catherine G. Rogers, Gianfranco Pocobene, and Elizabeth Leto Fulton, The Conservation and Technical Study of the Coronation of Hebe Attributed to Paolo Veronese (p. 16)

Lance Mayer and Gay Myers, More Thoughts on American Impressionists and the Question of Varnishing (p. 26)

Marcia C. Steele, Exploring Picasso's La Vie, An Interactive Experience (p. 27)

Fotini Koussiaki, The Influence of Non-Traditional Art Materials on the Paintings of Pablo Picasso (p. 39)

Bonnie Rimer, Infrared Reflectography at the Art Institute of Chicago (p. 49)

Jo Willmore, An Investigation into the Solvent-Induced Swelling Response of Leached Oil Paint Films (p. 60)

Alan Phenix, The Swelling of Artists' Paints by Organic Solvents and the Cleaning of Paintings: Recent Perspectives, Future Directions (p. 71)


Jay Krueger, Moderator (p. 87)

Susan Blakney, The Evolution of Westlake Conservators' Structural Treatments (p. 88)

Mark Bockrath, Humidification/Suction Treatments (p. 90)

Paul Himmelstein, Structural Treatment Philosophies (p. 91)

Rustin Levenson, Structural Treatment of Paintings: Past, Present, and Future (p. 92)

Robert Proctor, Structural Treatments: Considering Minimal Intervention (p. 94)