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Paintings Group Postprints Vol. 2 (1989) Electronic
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The following are papers presented during the Paintings Specialty Group sessions at the 1989 Cincinnati Meeting. These papers have not been edited and are published as received. Responsibility for Methods and/or Materials described herein rests solely with the contributor. The papers are listed alphabetically by contributor.

Table of Contents

James Bernstein, Studio Tips (p. 1)

Emil Bosshard and Mervin J. Richard, Climatized Vitrines for Paintings, an Uncomplicated but Efficient Method (p. 15)

David Erhardt and Jai-sun Tsang, Oil Painting; History vs Technology (p. 17)

Emmett Carl Grim, Restoration of Birth of Bacchus by Guilio Roiano (p. 18)

James Scott Martin, Examination and Cleaning of a Portrait by William Merrit Chase (p. 19)

Anik Morrow, Gustave Courbet: Materials, Techniques and Problems Encountered (p. 22)

Gianfranco Pocobene and Ian Hodkinson, Use of a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to Facilitate the Transfer of a Severely Tented Painting (p. 23)

Steven Prins, Panel-Stretcher Design for Conservation (p. 24)

J. William Shank, Treatment of Down by the River, a Panel Painting by Maxfield Parrish (p. 29)

Shelley A. Svoboda and Camilla J. Van Vooren, An Investigation into Albert Pinkham Ryder's Painting Materials and Techniques with Additional Research on Forgeries (p. 36)

Camilla J. Van Vooren, Artist's Techniques Data File: On-going Research (p. 51)