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Papers Presented at the 39th Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 31–June 3, 2011

June 2, 2011
Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio’s Madonna and Child in the Context of Leonardo da Vinci’s Studio Practice, Sue Ann Chui and Alan Phenix
A Neoclassical Mystery: The Technical Study and Treatment of an Iconic French Portrait (Abstract), Kristin Deghetaldi and Kathryn Morales
A Comparison of the Pigments Mentioned in Delacroix’s Diary with Those Found in the Oil Sketch and Final Version of Bacchus and Ariadne (Abstract), Narayan Khandekar, Sarah Kianovsky, and Katherine Eremin
Attributed to Henri Rousseau: The Technical Examination of La Sainte Famille, Katrina A. Bartlett
When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It: Two Directions for the Conservation of an Anselm Kiefer, Per Knutås
Choices Post-Mortem in Joan Mitchell’s Work: Cropping Paintings, Mary Gridley

June 3, 2011
A Soluble Problem: Morse’s The Gallery of The Louvre, Glazing, and Toning, Lance Mayer and Gay Myers
An Experimental Study on the Merits of Virtual Cleaning of Paintings (Abstract),
John K. Delaney, Damon Conover, Mathieu Thourya, Ken Fleisher, E. René De La Rie, M. Picollo, Andrea Casini, Lionel Simonot, and Muriel Vervat
The Construction and Reconstruction of a Spanish Retable, Judy Dion
Industrial Literature as a Resource in Modern Materials Conservation: Zinc Oxide House Paint as a Case Study, Dawn V. Rogala
The Salmagundi Palette Collection, Alexander W. Katlan
The Long-term Relationship between a Museum Collection and Contracted Conservator Explored through the Treatment of Spring Turning by Grant Wood, Ruth Barach Cox
Raman Revealed: A Shared Internet Resource for the Cultural Heritage Community, Suzanne Quillen Lomax, Beth A. Price, Charles Davis, Boris Pretzel, Marcello Picollo, And Ryan Grieb
Speed, Precision, and a Lighter Load: Metigo MAP 3.0, a Great Advancement in Condition Mapping for Large-Scale Projects, Emily Macdonald-Korth
Microclimate and Anoxic Frames (Abstract), Judith Bannerman, Zane Cunningham, Amanda Heath, Mark Underhill, and Joyce H. Townsend
A Cleaning Application of Poly (Vinyl Alcohol-Co-Acetate)/ Borate Gel-Like Dispersions on Multiple Views by Stuart Davis, Lora V. Angelova, Kristin R. deGhetaldi, Christopher A. Maines, Richard G. Weiss, and Barbara H. Berrie
Developing Cleaning Systems for Water-Sensitive Paints By Adjusting pH and Conductivity, Tiarna Doherty, Chris Stavroudis, and Jennifer Hickey

Studio Tip: Slim Light for Use in Painting Conservation, Barbara A. Ramsay
Studio Tip: Do It Yourself Snakes: Easy, Versatile, Skinny Bag Weights for Conservation Use, Montserrat Le Mense and Gabriel Dunn
Studio Tip: Rottenstone For In-Painting, Montserrat Le Mense and Gabriel Dunn
Studio Tip: Don’t Panic: Use HITS: K-12 Conservation Outreach, Erin L. Kelly
Studio Tip: How to Make an iphone Microscope Camera, Ana Alba
Studio Tip: Customized Fume Extraction Hoods, Dean Yoder

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