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The Paintings Specialty Group Postprints Vol. 17 (2005) include papers from the session presenters and highlights from the tips shared during the Paintings Specialty Group lunch at AIC's 32nd Annual Meeting in Portland, OR.


Paintings Sessions:

Cleaning Acrylic Emulsion Paint; A Two-Part Study, Geneviève Saulnier and Marie-Ève Thibault (p. 1)

A Novel Approach to Cleaning I: Using Mixtures of Concentrated Stock Solutions and a Database to Arrive at an Optimal Aqueous Cleaning System, Chris Stavroudis, Tiarna Doherty, and Richard Wolbers (p. 9)

A Wide Open Field of Color: Caring for Color Field Paintings at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Tatiana Z. Ausema (p. 21)

Controlled Laser Cleaning of Fire-Damaged Paintings, J.H. Scholten, S. Postma, R.M.A. Heeren, U. Ullenius, I. Larsson, W. Hesterman, and V. Zafiropulos (p. 30)

Fire, Water, Air, and More Than 1000 Square Metres of Soiled Surfaces to be Cleaned, Gunnar Heydenreich (p. 32)

Cleaning by the Yard: Vermont's Hand-Painted Theater Curtains, Mary Jo Davis and Emily Gardner (p. 39)

Recovering the Appearance of an Unvarnished Surface (abstract of presentation), Jim Coddington and Jay Krueger (p. 42)

The Consequences of Cleaning the Mummy Portraits from the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, Noëlle L. Streeton (p. 43)

A Pilot Study for the Effects of Tri-ammonium Citrate solutions Used for Surface Cleaning Paintings, Aviva Burnstock and Klaas Jan van den Berg (p. 56)

The Use of the Er:YAG Laser in Cleaning Painted Surfaces: Theory; Application; Laboratory Models (abstract), Adele deCruz, Myron L. Wolbarsht, and Paula Bracco (p. 65)

Selected papers from General Session:

Here We Go 'Round Again: Cleaning Linseed Oil from Carousel Animals at the Shelburne Museum, Richard L. Kerschner and Nancie Ravenel (p. 66)

Perspectives on Patina, Joyce Hill Stoner (p. 73)

Architecture and Paintings Joint Session:

ILWU Union Hall Mural Project, Honolulu: Restoring a Modern Fresco and its Architectural Setting, Nora Jaso Ludviksen and Rogelio Bernal Fernandez (p. 79)

Conservation of the Polychrome Ceiling and Wall Paintings at the Santa Maria de Cuevas Mission, Karla Muñoz-Alcocer (p. 84)

John S. Sargent's Triumph of Religion Murals in Context: The Restoration of Sargent Hall at the Boston Public Library, Kate Smith Maurer, Angela Chang, Glenn Gates, Teri Hensick, Narayan Khandkar, Philip Klausmeyer, Kate Olivier, and Gianfranco Pocobene (p. 90)

Paintings and Textiles Joint Studio Tips Session:

Handling Large Textile Objects, Sarah C. Stevens (p. 101)

Emulating Glazed Chintz Fabric with B-72, Ann Frisina (p. 103)

Better Swab Grips, A Lining Fabric from a Fabric Store, Stabiltex False Eyelash' Repairs, Nancy R. Pollak (p. 104)

The Use of Cyclododecane and Re-moistenable Tissue a temporary moisture barrier and temporary facing, Beth Szuhay and Joanne Hackett (p. 105)

Non Stick Coating for Tacking Iron Tips, Robert Proctor (p. 106)

Using Aquazol: A Brief Summary, Julie Arslanoglu (p. 107)

Pneumatically Generated Mist for Adhesive Reactivation, Kathleen Kiefer (p. 111)

Tips on Using Azeotropes for Cleaning Solvents and Adhesive Delivery Systems, Christopher Augerson(p. 113)