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The Paintings Specialty Group Postprints Vol. 19 (2007) include papers from the session presenters and highlights from the tips shared during the Paintings Specialty Group lunch at AIC's 34th Annual Meeting in Providence, RI.


Paintings Sessions

Metal Soap Degradation of Oil Paintings: Aggregates, Increased Transparency and Efflorescence, Petria Noble and Jaap J. Boon (p. 1)

Chemical Processes in Aged Oil Paints Affecting Metal Soap Migration and Aggregation, Jaap J. Boon, Frank Hoogland, and Katrien Keune (p. 16)

Lead Soap Aggregates in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century British Paintings, Joyce H. Townsend, Rica Jones, and Kate Stonor (p. 24)

Opaque to Transparent: Insights on Bloom, Haze, Protrusions and "Ground Staining" from the Hudson River School and the Church Archive, Joyce Zucker (p. 33)

In Pursuit of Lining of a Large Ceiling Painting by Jacopo Tintoretto, Serena Urry (p. 42)

Modifications to the Structural Conservation Methodology of Large Format Paintings: Some Case Studies, Matteo Rossi Doria (p. 48)

Democracy in Conservation-Wall Painting Conservation and Church Communities, Isabelle Brajer (p. 57)

Salvaging Public Art from Condemned Buildings when Intent, Context, and Use Changes (abstract), Cary Beattie Maguire (p. 69)

Size Does Matter: Using Conservation to Facilitate Continued Use of Stage Set Legs, Erica James (p. 70)

Raising a Renaissance Standard: Context and Conservation of Lorenzo d'Alessandro da Sanseverino's The Crucifixion; St. Michael, Sue Ann Chui (p. 72)

Insert Rectangle Here: Art and Science Coming Together to Determine the Unique Construction of a Painting by David Teniers the Younger, Noelle Ocon (p. 85)

Search for The New Jerusalem, George Inness's Lost Masterpiece, Eric Gordon (p. 93)

A Bronzino Workshop Portrait of Eleonora di Toledo, Rikke Foulke (p. 98)

Eugène Leroy's Paintings: Soft Matter and Gravity. The Singularity of Soft Works, Grazia Nicosia (p. 106)

The Organized Chaos of Jean Dubujfet: Investigating His Techniques and Materials, Chantai Bernicky (p. 110)

Selected Papers from Other Specialty Group Sessions

(Research and Technology) Imaging TOF-SIMS and NanoSIMS Studies of Barite-Celestite Particles

in Grounds from Paintings by Van Gogh, Beatrice Marino, Jaap J. Boon, Ella Hendriks, François Horréard, and François Hillion (p. 118)

(Wooden Artifacts) A Description of 19th Century American Gilded Picture Frames and an Outline of Their Modern Use and Conservation, Hugh Glover (p. 129)

Selected Poster

Lead Soap Effluorescence in a 19th C Painting: Appearance, Nature and Sources of Materials, Katrien Keune, Kathrin Kirsch, and Jaap J. Boon (p. 145)

Studio Tips

About Testfabrics, Sarah Lowengard (p. 150)

A Tip for Removing Corroded Tacks from Stretchers, Ruth Barach Cox (p. 150)

Pack and Go: Traveling with Conservation Supplies, Barbara Heller (p. 151)

International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art-North America (INCCA-NA), Gwynne Ryan and Glenn Wharton (p. 152)