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Paintings Group Postprints Vol. 6 (1993) Electronic
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Papers presented at the Twenty-First Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works in Denver, Colorado Saturday, 5 June 1993. Compiled by J. William Shank.

Table of Contents

Ingrid C. Alexander, Uncovering the Working Methods of Thomas Cole: An Ongoing Study (p. 1)

M. Randall Ash, Bolivia-A Conservator's Experience (p. 6)

Cynthia Kuniej Berry, Vance Kirkland: An Innovator of Abstract Expressionism (p. 11)

Cynthia Kuniej Berry, Judy Greenfield, James S. Martin, Cautions for Conserving Chinese Wall Paintings (p. 18)

Susan Blakney, The Successful Use of Soft-Faced Monomesh as the Lining Support for a 14' X17' Mural (p. 25)

Duane R. Chartier & Susanne E. Friend, How Much Is Too Much? Conservation Versus Restoration (p. 36)

Michele R. Derrick, Tanya L. Kieslich, Dusan C. Stulik, Embedding Paint Cross-section Samples in Polyester Resins: Problems and Solutions (p. 42)

Eric F. Hansen, Paula Volent, Mitchell H. Bishop and Rosa Lowinger, The Conservation of Matte Paint Surfaces in Ethnographic and Contemporary Art (p. 67)

E. John Hartmann, Jr., The Recovery and Treatment of a Stolen Sixteenth-Century Panel Painting by Ambrosius Benson from a Wheat Field (p. 72)

Richard Newman & Irene Konefal, Arthur Dove's Paint Media: An Analytical Study (p. 81)

Lenora L. Rosenfield, The Examination and Treatment of a Double-Sided Painting by Robert Henri (p. 86)

Mary F. Striegel & Dusan Stulik, High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography for the Identification of Binding Media: Practical Techniques and Applications (p. 98)