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Paintings Group Postprints Vol. 21 (2008) Electronic
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The Paintings Specialty Group Postprints Vol. 21 (2009) include papers from the session presenters and highlights from the tips shared during the Paintings Specialty Group lunch at AIC's 36th Annual Meeting in Denver, CO.


Paintings Sessions

Surface Tension: Technique, Process and Detail in Jasper Johns' Gray Paintings, Kelly Keegan, with contributions by Kristin Lister (p. 1)

Minimum Intervention in the Structural Repair of Canvas Paintings: When is Enough, Enough? (abstract), Diane Falvey (p. 13)

Clyfford Still: Revealing the Secrets of a Life s Work, Barbara A. Ramsay (p. 14)

Rescue Public Murals and Conservator-Artist Collaborations, Kristen Laise and Leslie Rainer (p. 27)

Wall to Wall: Conservation of a Joan Mir o Mural at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Frederick Wallace, Per Knutas, and Stephen Bonadies (p. 33)

Restoring John LaFarge s Mural Decorations in the Tower of Trinity Church in the city of Boston, Mary Catherine Betz, Gianfranco Pocobene, and Kate Smith (p. 40)

A Puzzle to the Critics, The Technical Analysis and Treatment of a 16th Century Panel Painting of Possible French Origin, Morwenna Blewett (p. 46)

Accounting for Taste: Retaining an Historic Restoration from a Sienese Accounts Book Cover, Eowyn Kerr (p. 52)

The Representation of Brocaded Silks and Velvets in 15th and Early 16th Century Netherlandish Paintings:Methods and Materials, Bart J.C. Devolder (p. 61)

Raising Public Awareness: Creating an Educational Interface Between Conservators and the Public, Julie Heath (p. 75)

Conservation of a Jean Chariot Fresco Using Cyclododecane, Victoria Montana Ryan (p. 77)

Ten Years of Treating Russian Icons from the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands, Cynthia Lawrence (p. 83)

Van Gogh s Ravine: The Underlying Story, Meta Chavannes (p. 89)

The Art of Arte P overa, Paula De Cristofaro (p. 99)

Clues in the Cracks: Analysis of a Colonial South American St. Michael, Joseph G. Barabe and Carol A. Injerd (p. 110)

Studio Tips

A New Method of "Insert" or "Cami" Lining, Rustin Levenson (p. 115)

A Sewing Supply Catalogue, Randy Ash (p. 115)

Use of Coroplast to Improve Skylights, Dennis K. Calabi (p. 116)