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Papers Presented at the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works in San Diego, California June 13-14, 1997. Compiled by Robert G. Proctor.


Karen French, A Method for X-Raying Oversized Paintings with Multi-plate Exposures (p. 1)

Lance Mayer and Gay Myers, American Painters and "Old Master" Recipes: 1920s to 1940s (p. 11)

Antoni Mathias, Chris Stavroudis and Aneta Zebala, The Design, Construction and Use of an Inexpensive, Multipurpose, Heated Suction Table (p. 12)

Alina Remba, Pilar Sedano Espin and Rocio Bruquetas Galan, Loss Compensation in Spain: Criteria for Paintings and Polychromed Sculpture (p. 19)

Elizabeth Mention, A Case Study of Orazio GentileschVs Madonna and Child: A Victim of Revolution (p. 32)

Jay Krueger, Considerations in the Treatment of Jackson Pollock's Number 7. 1951 (p. 43)

Eric Gordon, Karen French, Peter Nelsen and Catherine Rogers, A Local Treatment for Setting Down Severely Tented, Water-Damaged Paint on a Transferred and Lined Painting by Giambattista Tiepolo (p.51)

James Hamm, Alex Jean Founder: Murals at the Roycroft Inn (p. 59)

Niccolo Caldaro, Thorton Rockwell and Anne Rosenthal, Conservation of a Heavyweight: The Rose by Jay DeFeo (p. 68)

Patricia Sherwin Garland and Stephen Korahauser, Understanding a Picture Through its Conservation History: The Crucifixion by Nicolas Poussin (p. 79)

Helen Mar Parkin and James S. Horns, A Technical Study of Paintings by Grant Wood (p. 85)

Teresa A. Lignelli, Use of Rigatino Inpainting Technique for Compensation of Losses in Panel Paintings: A Case Study (p. 96)

Mark V. Lewis, Filling in the Gaps; The Conservation of a 17C English Panel Painting (p. 106)