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Paintings Group Postprints Vol. 16 (2003) Electronic
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The Paintings Specialty Group Postprints Vol. 16 (2003) include papers from the session presenters and highlights from the tips shared during the Paintings Specialty Group lunch at AIC's 31st Annual Meeting in Arlington, VA.


Rebecca Anne Rushfield, Twenty-three Years of the Paintings Specialty Group in Fifteen Minutes or Less (p. 1)

Nina Olsson, From Mimetic to Differentiated: Traditions and Current Practices in Italian Inpainting (p. 4)

Wendy Partridge, Retouching Paintings in Europe from the 15th through the l7th Centuries: Debates, Controversies, and Methods (p. 13)

Joan Marie Reifsnyder, Cesare Brandi and Italian Conservation Theory: In and Out of Context (p. 23)

Joyce Hill Stoner, Catalytic Circumstances for Innovation in Paintings Conservation (p. 33)

Kathryn Swerda, Painting Conservation Ideas, Ethics, Materials, and Techniques in Nineteenth-Century America (p. 39)

Sandra A. Connors, Hannah R. Morris, and Paul M. Whitmore, Characterization and Evaluation of Fading Behavior for Fluorescent Colorants (p. 46)

Ulrich Birkmaier and Stephen Kornhauser, Marsden Hartley's Materials and Working Methods (p. 47)

Elise Effmann, "If a painting is worth doing at all, it is worth doing well": Frederic Taubes and the Advocacy of Craft in Mid-Twentieth Century American Painting (p. 53)

Linnaea E. Saunders, The Study and Reinstallation ofthe Schlagl Altarpiece: A l5th C. Passion Cycle Reconsidered (p. 58)

Elyse Klein, The History of Conservation at the Union League Club of Chicago (p. 68)