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Paintings Group Postprints Vol. 20 (2007) Electronic
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The Paintings Specialty Group Postprints Vol. 20 (2008) include papers from the session presenters and highlights from the tips shared during the Paintings Specialty Group lunch at AIC's 35th Annual Meeting in Richmond, VA.


Paintings Sessions

The Big Art Cover Up: Mural Conservation Efforts with High School Students in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Tony Rajer (p. 1)

New Developments in Fluorescent Staining of Oil and Proteinaceous Binding Media within Paint Cross Sections (abstract), Stephan Schafer (p. 7)

The Cradle and Its Makers, Rikke Foulke (p. 8)

The Evolution in the Lining of Paintings, To Line or Not to Line: A Preliminary Study, Diane Falvey (p. 15)

Staining and Microbiological Infestation of Acrylic Paintings on Hardboard, Ulrik Runeberg (p. 23)

Art, Vision & Aesthetics: A Conservator s Quest to Understand the Nature of Vision, Charlotte Seifen Ameringer (p. 37)

Mystery of the Madonna and Child with Angels, Janice Passafiume (p. 38)

A Newly Discovered Early Painting by Francois Gerard, Dr. Anne Schroder and Ruth Barach Cox (p. 46)

A Newly Discovered Portrait by Girolamo Forabosco, Found Underneath a Faked "Portrait of Violante ", Supposedly by Paris Bordone, Doron Lurie (p. 56)

What s Wrong with This Picture? The Analysis ofa Known Forgery, James Hamm, Gregory Smith, Dan Kushel and Jennifer DiJoseph (p. 62)

Authenticity and Paintings Attributed to Albert Pinkham Ryder, Carl Grimm (p. 67)

I Could Paint That!...Forgery of an Homage to the Square, Patricia Sherwin Garland (p. 82)

Thankga Painting Techniques: Traditional, Contemporary, and "Instantly Old", Ann Shaftel (p. 89)

Modern Industrial Pigments in Authenticity Investigations, Jamie Martin (p. 95)

A New Digital X-ray System Designedfor Art Object Analysis, Stephan Schafer (p. 103)

Authenticity and the Scientific Method: Past Approaches, Present Problems and Future Promise, Nicholas Eastaugh (p. 104)

Studio Tips

Mending Tears Vertically on Large Paintings Using Magnets, Joyce Hill Stoner (p. 114)

Updates on Strip Lining and Insert Lining, Rustin Levenson (p. 116)

Dolphin Nosed Pliers for Hard to Reach Places; Space Conservation and the Murphy Bed of Hot Tables, Nancy Pollak (p. 117)

Consolidating On and Off the Vacuum Hot Table, George Schwartz (p. 119)

A Small, Powerful Hand-Held UV Light, Gay Myers (p. 120)

Household Items Adapted for Studio Use, Nina A. Roth-Wells (p. 120)

Applying Azeotrope Solvent Mixtures to Cleaning Issues in the Treatment of Paintings, Linnaea E. Saunders (p. 121)

Using Pre-Conditioned Silica Gelfor Paintings, Tiarna Doherty (p. 125)

Digital Infrared Photography: Fujifilm S3Pro Finepix UVIR, Jeronimo Perez-Roca (p. 127)