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The Paintings Specialty Group Postprints Vol. 18 (2006) include papers from the session presenters and highlights from the tips shared during the Paintings Specialty Group lunch at AIC's 33rd Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.


Paintings Sessions:

Digital Images in Conservation Documentation: Quality, Accuracy and Potential, David Saunders (p. 1)

The ImageArchiver: Image Annotation and Metatag Manipulation Software for Conservation, Oliver Stahlmann (p. 16)

Your Paintings Exposed: Negatives in the Kress Collection Archive at the National Gallery of Art, Joanna Dunn and Elizabeth Walmsley (p. 23)

A Translation of the Byzantine into the Northern Renaissance: Hayne de Bruxelles 'Madonna and Child, 1455, Scott A. Heffley (p. 29)

Francois Clouet and the French Renaissance: Investigating A Lady in Her Bath, Pamela Betts (p. 35)

Variants of Titian's Virgin and Child in a Landscape, A Comparative Study, Adelaide Izat (p. 43)

Painting with Wax in Britain and America during the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries, Lance Mayer and Gay Myers (p. 53)

Seurat and the Making of La Grande Jatte, Allison Langley and Frank Zuccari (p. 67)

A Rubens Portrait Re-examined: How Contemporary Copies and Historical Documentation Aided in Interpretating a Reworked Portrait, Linnaea E. Saunders (p. 76)

Contemporary Encaustic Techniques - Johns, Marden, Thek, Michael Duffy (p. 84)

Selected Paper from General Session:

The History of Conservation Documentation at Worcester Art Museum, Morwenna Blewett (p. 94)

5 slides/3 minutes: Artists' Idiosyncrasies and Treatment Peculiarities

Where's the Beef? A Study of Extensive Overpaint to a Nineteenth Century Painting, Stephanie Grant (p. 108)

A Note on a Discolored Oil Coating on a Nineteenth-Century German Painting, Elise Effmann (p. 111)

Kees van Dongen's Reclining Nude: Preliminary Notes on the Artist's Varnish and an Unrelated Surface Phenomenon, Morwenna Blewett and Philip Klausmeyer (p. 113)

Paintings without Grounds, Mark Lewis (p. 116)

The Use of a New Product to Treat Canvas Irregularities:Tight-n-Up, Its Effects on One Painting and the Treatment of Those Effects, Niccolo Caldararo (p. 117)