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E-Course: Self-Care for Music Therapists
Sorry for the inconvenience, this item is no longer available.

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Non-Member Price$175.00
Merchandise Description

Cost: $175 - includes 3 CMTE credits. Discounted price for members: Free - includes 3 CMTE credits.

The purpose of this AMTA E-course, Self-Care for Music Therapists: Insight from Experienced MT-BCs, is to provide a practical resource to help music therapists explore the topic of self-care and to get some ideas from the personal and professional experiences of their music therapy colleagues. Self-care is a topic best addressed from several different angles since music therapists have such different personalities and vastly different experiences in our daily lives, and because we all approach our professional careers from different perspectives. We invited eleven experienced music therapists to provide 10-15 minute audio segments talking about self-care from their viewpoint, sharing a few tips and telling a short story or two about keeping their lives centered in the midst of the ups and downs of their music therapy career. Publication date: December 2016.

Learning Objectives:

  • Objective 1: The E-course participant will take time to listen to presentations by eleven experienced music therapy colleagues to learn more about the professional issue of self-care.  (CBMT Board Certification Domain IV. B. &.)
  • Objective 2: Based on information and ideas in the e-course discussions by their music therapy colleagues, the participant will assess the current state of their own process for self-care, and will set a minimum of three goals for improving their personal and professional self-care.  (CBMT Board Certification Domain IV.A.1.)

Once you purchase this item, you must download the e-course workbook with instructions and links for listening to or watching the course. Go to the AMTA website and log in on the left side using the QuickLink, “My Account>Login.”  After logging into your AMTA online account with your primary email and password, go to the top tab “My Transactions,” and the “My Downloadable Products” link, then click on the item to open it. Save to your local computer.  This purchase will remain available in your account for one year from the purchase date.

Note: The cost of each e-course purchase entitles one individual to participate in and complete the e-course for CMTE credit. If a course is being purchased for multiple individuals, it must be purchased separately for each participant. Please email the national office if you are purchasing a course for someone other than yourself so credit can be applied to that person's record.


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