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E-Course: Ethics & Copyright, An Overview for Music Therapists
Sorry for the inconvenience, this item is no longer available.

Member Price$85.00
Non-Member Price$145.00
Merchandise Description

Cost: $145 - includes 3 CMTE credits (3 ethics credits). Current members may purchase at discount price of $85 - includes 3 CMTE credits. Current Student and Grad Student members may purchase at discount price of $50. NOTE: To receive the Student/Grad member price, make sure to log in with your email address and password first, then select the appropriate item next to "Merchandise Rates" before adding to your shopping cart.

Understanding the essential components of U.S. copyright law and intellectual property is an important part of music therapy clinical practice. Similarly, it is essential that music therapists understand some basic concepts and terms about licensing and proper use of protected works in music therapy practice. Copyright law in the U.S. has historical and legal ties to intellectual property law in England and Europe. Copyright law and intellectual property are dynamic legal and societal concepts influenced by our values, culture, technology, politics, policy, artists, and ethics. The laws governing copyrights aim to balance the interests of both the public and the copyright owners. The purpose of copyright; therefore, is to improve society through the advancement of knowledge by fostering creativity, developing wisdom, supporting democracy, disseminating knowledge, and enriching the public domain. Technological advances, including digital and online technology, create challenges for music therapists that require vigilance and care to maintain the law and abide by the rights of creators of protected works. At the same time, the law aims to allow the possibility for others to use and enjoy protected works. The main mechanisms in place to use protected works involve obtaining permission, typically via a variety of licensing mechanisms, depending on the purpose. Publish date: August 2014. 

This course fulfills requirements by the Certification Board for Music Therapists for earning 3 CMTE credits focusing specifically on ethics in each 5-year recertification cycle.

As of 2/14/19, This course is eligible for 3 LCAT CE Contact Hours for continuing education for Licensed Creative Arts Therapists (LCATs) in New York State (for those who purchase and complete the course after that date). AMTA is recognized by the New York State Education Department's State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed creative arts therapists. #CAT-0055.

Learning Objectives:

1. E-course participant will learn five rights of the copyright owner. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains – IV.B. 9, 10, 12, 13.)  2. E-course participant will learn the five actions that constitute copyright piracy. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains – IV. A. 2 and IV. B. 10, 13.)  3. E-course participant will learn specific information to consider in the Four Factor Fair Use Test related to copyright. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains - IV.B.10.)  4. E-course participant will learn at least four factors a music therapist should consider when determining the most appropriate response to issues of copyright and proper permissions for use of protected works, and at least three resources available to music therapists considering issues related to copyright. (2015 CBMT Board Certification Domains – IV.A. 2 and IV. B. 7, 12, 13.)

Once you purchase this item, you must download the e-course workbook with instructions and links for listening to or watching the course. Go to the AMTA website and log in on the left side using the QuickLink, “My Account>Login.”  After logging into your AMTA online account with your primary email and password, go to the top tab “My Transactions,” and the “My Downloadable Products” link, then click on the item to open it. Save to your local computer.  This purchase will remain available in your account for one year from the purchase date.

Note: The cost of each e-course purchase entitles one individual to participate in and complete the e-course for CMTE credit. If a course is being purchased for multiple individuals, it must be purchased separately for each participant. Please email the national office if you are purchasing a course for someone other than yourself so credit can be applied to that person's record.


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