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Continuing Education - Neuromarketing
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Education Credit: MaRC - Research PDU
Credit Amount: 1
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Appealing to the Minds of your Shoppers…Literally!

Course Description
What drives the shopper to buy? What drives his or her brand choice?  To steer buyers towards your product or brand, you must understand how the shopper’s brain works.  This eLearning course explores how the brain responds to marketing stimuli and how the retail environment triggers and influences buying behavior.  The course will also show how this information can be used to develop a Shopper Marketing Program.  The course focuses on Phase 1 of the Shop! Value Cycle – Research

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
1:    Describe shopper marketing
2:    Recognize brain science concepts associated with shopper marketing
3:    Distinguish between the Thinking Mind and the Doing Mind
4:    Distinguish between Associative Priming and Motivational Priming
5:    Distinguish between Temporary and Foundational Goals
6:    Describe the significance of an integrated path to purchase in making purchase decisions
7:    Recognize examples of shopper marketing used to create an integrated path to purchase
8:    Distinguish between shopping modes
9:    Identify opportunities to use triggers and primes within the path to purchase
10:    Apply neuromarketing strategies to implement a Shopper Marketing Program

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Shop! would like to thank the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA) and Peter Steidl for granting permission to use the book, Shopper Marketing: Neuromarketing Strategies to Win the Battle at the Shelf, as the basis for our Neuromarketing course.


Credits: Successful completion of the Neuromarketing course will provide current Shop! MaRC holders with 1 PDU in Research towards their tri-annual recertification.

Course Length: 60 Minutes
Course Components: 25-minute webinar, worksheet, and a quiz
Shop! Value Cycle Focus: Phase 1 of the Shop! Value Cycle – Research
MaRC Recertification Credit: 1 MaRC – Research PDU


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