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Life membership is available to all individuals. There are no pre-requisites to becoming a life member. Group/Organizational life membership is not available. In order to pay life membership installments review our Life Interim Membership payable over 5 years.

Membership Benefits

  • Priority scheduling of ASALH Bureau speakers/lecturers
  • Discounts on Annual Conference registration. Only members may present papers and participate in the author's book signing event.
  • Ability to join the Heritage Sustaining Life members club
  • Digital access to all published issues, including back issues of Journal of African American History
  • Print subscription to the Journal of African American History
  • Digital access to all published issues, including back issues of Fire!!The Digital Journal of Black Studies
  • Digital access to the annual volume of the Black History Bulletin and available back issues
  • FREE ONLINE posting of your events to the ASALH News & Events webpage
  • FREE ONLINE posting of member authored books on the ASALH Bookshelf
  • FREE ONLINE posting of Job on the ASALH Job Board
  • One vote at each year's Executive Council Election
  • Electronic Membership Card

Please contact ASALH at with all address and contact information changes.

"I Want to Continue The Legacy"

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