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Sports Fields: A Construction & Maintenance Manual
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The purpose of this book is to promote the quality construction, maintenance and repair of sports fields by providing information to facility owners, administrators, coaches, builders, architects and engineers. Since no two projects are alike, in most cases, this book cannot provide definitive answers. Rather, it is designed to explain the choices and the rationales behind various options. This will allow the owner or his representative to ask important questions and to make reasoned decisions. Asking questions not only is smart, it is essential. The investment of time and energy in learning about sports fields can yield a huge return in terms of a quality facility and generate a better return on the investment in a field. The ASBA is committed to providing information to assist facility owners and managers in making informed choices in order to promote the construction of quality facilities.

The drawings and technical information in this book are intended to provide clarification of the design and construction concepts discussed in the text. They are meant to represent generic solutions typically used in the design and construction of sports fields. Readers of this book are cautioned that site conditions can vary widely. Local construction methods, availability of materials and site engineering requirements make the development of construction details for use everywhere virtually impossible. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the drawings, the ASBA, ASTM and STMA are not responsible for any errors or omissions.

The recommendations in this book are suggestions for use by architects, landscape architects, engineers, contractors and owners. Except where they refer to the rules of a specific sport, these guidelines provide options, explanations or illustrations of typical generic solutions to construction issues. Parties not experienced in field construction are advised to consult a qualified contractor and/or design professional. Due to the differences in design intent, climates and construction sites, each project is different. The ASBA, ASTM and STMA make no representations regarding the suitability of a particular design or decision to a specific project.

Further, governing bodies frequently change their rules. The statements and drawings provided in this book are as accurate as possible at the time of publication, but design professionals and owners always should consult the latest rules books prior to construction, renovation or marking a sports field.

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