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Obesity Prevention and Treatment: A Practical Guide, 1st edition (2022)
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Obesity Prevention and Treatment: A Practical Guide, 1st edition (2022) – edited by James Rippe and John Foreyt


The World Health Organization estimates that there are 2.1 billion individuals with obesity globally. Nearly three-quarters of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. The average individual with obesity cuts ten years off their life expectancy, yet less than 40% of physicians routinely counsel individuals concerning the adverse health consequences of obesity. Obesity Prevention and Treatment: A Practical Guide equips healthcare practitioners to include effective weight management counseling in the daily practice of medicine.


Written by lifestyle medicine pioneer and cardiologist, Dr. James Rippe and obesity expert Dr. John Foreyt, this book provides evidence-based discussions of obesity and its metabolic consequences. A volume in the Lifestyle Medicine Series, it provides evidence-based information about the prevention and treatment of obesity through lifestyle measures, such as regular physical activity and sound nutrition, as well as the use of new medications or bariatric surgery available to assist in weight management.


  • Provides a framework and practical strategies to assist practitioners in safe and effective treatments of obesity.


  • Contains information explaining the relationship between obesity and increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, and other chronic conditions.


  • Chapters begin with bulleted key points and conclude with a list of Clinical Applications.


Written for practitioners at all levels, this user-friendly, evidence-based book on obesity prevention and treatment will be valuable to practitioners in general medicine or subspecialty practices.


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