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Buddha in the Trenches - Steve Taubman
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Why do only a small percentage of people rise to the very top of their fields while the majority barely cope with their stress? Why do some entrepreneurs remain optimistic and filled with boundless energy, while most become exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out? Why do some health care professionals thrive under pressure, while most are crushed by it? 

In this important book, mindset management expert Dr. Steve Taubman, DCC, explores the dilemma of how most suffer while certain peak performers thrive under the very same conditions. Whether you're an overworked nurse battling job fatigue or a loss of empathy, a sales professional struggling with the challenges of selling in the digital age, a business leader buried under regulations, deadlines, and staffing problems, or a police officer trying to maintain calm authority while de-escalating tense situations, this book has the answers you seek. 

Buddha in the Trenches will show you how to take control of your mind, achieve serenity in chaotic moments, and exceed your goals by bringing clarity and focus to your work. Nothing is more vital to success than a balanced mind, and this book provides a roadmap to achieving and maintaining that state. Listen to it and you will be changed!


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