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Physician - 3 Year Membership (15% Discount)
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Available to any physician legally practicing under and holding a qualified allopathic degree (MD) or osteopathic degree (DO) and practicing in the United States. Physician members must also have an active and current state medical license.

Please Note:

  • Membership is not activated until an OMA staff member has reviewed the application.
  • OMA membership dues are deductible as a normal business expense. However, federal tax law disallows deductions related to certain types of lobbying. OMA estimates that in 2023, 5 percent of dues will be used for lobbying activities. Hence, 95 percent of your dues are deductible as a normal business expense.
  • No refunds after 60 days of purchase. Prior to this, a prorated refund minus the cost of items purchased/downloaded at the member price will be provided.
  • Member certificates are sent to U.S. residents only. A digital certificate will be provided for international members.
Membership InformationThis is an Anniversary based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:36Expiration Date:9/22/2023Referred By:9/21/2026
Additional Information:
AOA Member Number (DOs only):*Are you a current member of the American Medical Association?*Please select your primary credential:Current license number and state:*How did you hear about OMA?

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