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Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (3rd Edition)
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Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge

A new and revised edition of the guide to the engineering management principles and practices is an exclusive publication of ASEM and contains major upgrades to the content and format. The number of knowledge domains has been expanded from eight to eleven, and the content in those domains represents the best information available in the field of engineering management. It is thoroughly revised version and has expanded domain areas derived from analyzing content areas from the published books, studies on Engineering Management competency areas, and feedback from subject matter experts.

The current edition includes the following new domains: Introduction to Engineering Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Management of Technology, Research and Development, and Systems Engineering.  Whether you’re a practicing engineer, an engineering manager, or a trainer of engineers, you’ll find this easy-to-use guide an indispensable resource.

Please note: The AEM and PEM certification exams will be based on this 3rd edition of EMBOK Guide from the first quarter of 2013.


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