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Updated National Sex Ed Standards: What’s Changed since 2012? On-Demand Webinar & Knowledge Check
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You can earn continuing education credit by watching the recorded webinar and completing the knowledge check. For any questions, please email You must purchase this item to receive instructions on accessing the recording and knowledge check.

Updated National Sex Ed Standards: What’s Changed since 2012?

Presented by Nora Gelperin, Director of Sexuality Education & Training at Advocates for Youth; and Dan Rice, Interim Executive Director at Answer

This webinar will provide an overview in the structural and content-related changes to the recently updated National Sex Ed Standards, released in March 2020. The webinar will outline the rationale for separating the high school grade band into two distinct sections (Grades 9-10 and Grades 11-12) and for separating gender identity from sexual orientation to create a new topical strand. With new advances in science and medicine, the webinar will share updates in content including sex trafficking, a greater focus on consent and integrating racial justice throughout. Participants will understand why K-12 students need to learn at least the minimum essential about sex education to protect their health and preserve their wellbeing and how professionals can use the updated National Sex Ed Standards to support educational systems delivering the sex education young people need and deserve.

Learning Objectives

  • Accurately describe key features about the updated National Sex Ed Standards. 
  • Accurately explain the rationale for the changes that were made to form and function of the NSES.
  • By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to recall at least three changes to the updated NSES.