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Your Teen for Parents Magazine editors Susan Borison and Sharon Holbrook spoke to podcast curator/host Estelle Erasmus for ASJA Direct, about their publication and what freelance writers need to know to pitch them.

Susan Borison went to law school, passed the bar, and then chose a different path. After years of raising her five kids and marathon volunteering, Susan co-founded Your Teen Media. The goal was to create a resource for her friends, herself, and anyone with teenagers who was looking for that old-fashioned playgroup support peppered with expert advice. Twelve years later, the distribution has expanded and the delivery methods have changed but the mission remains the same.

Sharon Holbrook is the managing editor of Your Teen magazine. In addition to Your Teen, her writing has also appeared in The New York TimesWashington Post, and many other publications. Find her on Twitter at @sharon_holbrook.

In the podcast they covered:

* What kinds of articles work best on Your Teen for Parents and why?

* Whether they prefer pitches or complete articles

* What differentiates Your Teen for Parents from other online pubs focused teens

* Submission tips for writers, rights and payment

* How writers can contact Susan, or Sharon or Kristina (who handles digital)


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