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Basic Skills in Interpreting Laboratory Data, 4th Ed.
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Basic Skills in Interpreting Laboratory Data is the only reference on this subject written by pharmacists for pharmacists. Students find this guide a clear and useful introduction to the fundamentals of interpreting lab test
results. Practitioners value its help in assessing patient responses to drug treatment.

Since the publication of the third edition, much has changed—in the clinical lab and in
the hospital pharmacy. Consequently, the new fourth edition incorporates significant
revisions and a wealth of important new information.

Key features in the new edition:

  • Mini-cases of therapy-related examples embedded throughout the book reinforce
    important points.
  • QuickView charts provide an at-a-glance overview of clinical information
    including reference ranges and critical values.
  • Learning points at the end of each chapter focus on a single
    application of a major concept.
  • Three new chapters include new information on women’s health,
    men’s health, and pharmacogenomics and laboratory tests.

The more skilled you are at interpreting clinical lab test results, the better equipped
you’ll be to provide safe and effective patient care.