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ROI010 E-book: Inmates
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Release of Information in California: Inmates
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This E-book will assist the student in understanding federal privacy laws (HIPAA) and California state laws in regard to release of protected health information (PHI) pertaining to inmates in the custody of local, state, and federal agencies, what PHI may be released upon request, whether a signed authorization for release of information is necessary, and what regulations apply in the context.

CHIA recommends you read the Release of Information in California: Introduction E-book first. This E-book is offered at no charge and includes the ROI Glossary of Terms that is used in all subsequent ROI E-books.

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• Understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of patient records and protected health information (PHI) and what PHI when requested to disclose information to law enforcement.
• Understand what types of PHI may be released and under what circumstances.
• Describe federal and state legislation regarding inmate patient privacy and release of information.
• Understand the context of health care in corrections and the relationship between community health, public health and correctional health.
• Understand and appreciate the complexities and responsibilities inherent in releasing protected health information to internal and external requestors.
• Articulate the importance of releasing-patient specific health information according to current laws and regulations.
• Differentiate between the different state of California and federal laws regulating release of patient specific information and apply them appropriately in all situations.
• Utilize resources to maintain current competencies and keep abreast of changing requirements.

Two CEU’s offered (HIM Domain: Privacy & Security).

You will be given access to the quiz within three business days of purchase. Each quiz may be attempted three times. A link to the Self Assessment Quiz is provided within the purchased E-book. The Quiz is comprised of multiple choice and true/false questions. Correct answers will be provided after the first attempt. Upon completion of the Self Assessment Quiz, a Certificate of Completion (CEU) will be available to download and print. You will not be able to access the Certificate after exiting the Quiz, so be sure to download it immediately and retain as evidence of the earned continuing education.


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