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Webinar on Demand: CHIA Student Chat, Winter 2021
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Webinar on Demand: CHIA Student Chat, 2021

CHIA Product Code: WEB212
Webinar Date: January 19, 2021

Program Description
Increasing interest in outpatient clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs is pervasive throughout the health care community as more and more facilities jump on the bandwagon. With

this increasing interest, there is a critical need to insure programs are created, developed and implemented for the right reason, goals, objectives and visions. A strong, conceptualized understanding of the key elements of a successful outpatient CDI program is a prerequisite for development and implementation of a sustainable physician engaged program. This webinar will utilize a real case study at a two-hospital health care system to showcase and outline the steps and processes necessary to insure the development, planning and rollout of an organized, well-planned outpatient CDI program that creates a vision of inspiration for physicians to become willing participants in the programs.

Attendees will be able to successfully articulate the ideal goals, objectives and mission for implementing an effective outpatient CDI program that truly inspires physicians to improve the quality and completeness of the communication of patient care for all the right reasons. Participants will be empowered to perform the following at the conclusion:

  1. Define and practically apply appropriate meaningful goals, objectives and mission of the outpatient CDI program;
  2. Assess current immediate needs and clinical areas ripe for improvement in communication of patient care;
  3. Plan, organize and develop a reasonable roadmap from start to finish on how to implement an effective sustainable outpatient CDO model that truly moves the needle on accurate and complete communication of patient care for the right reasons; and

Design the structural foundations and operational processes necessary to insure the sustainability of initial creation and rollout efforts in outpatient CDI.

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Melany Merryman, MSL, RHIA
​CHIA President, 2020-2021

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