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Working with Traumatized Children: A Handbook for Healing – Third Edition
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Title: Working with Traumatized Children: A Handbook for Healing - Third Edition
Author: Kathryn Brohl
Item #: 1583
Cost: $19.95


This practical handbook for anyone who works with traumatized children--teachers, parents, as well as professionals--provides needed information to understand and guide a child suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through to recovery. It describes the physical and emotional effects of trauma, shows how to recognize maladaptive reactions, and offers specific strategies for treating its effects. Readers will especially appreciate its in-depth discussion of PTSD in abused and neglected children. Simply written and practical in orientation, Working with Traumatized Children offers an effective, step-by-step process for helping to heal the child traumatized by neglect and abuse.