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Child Welfare Journal Vol. 99, No. 1 (Digital PDF)
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From the Editor: The Sting of Homelessness among Youth Exiting the Foster Care System


Prevalence of Risk and Protective Factors for Homelessness among Youth in Foster Care

G. Lawrence Farmer, Janna C. Heyman, Peggy L. Kelly and Tara Linh Leaman


Women in the Waves: Learning from Mothers in Recovery through Photovoice

Heather Howard and Marianna L. Colvin


Understanding and Partnering with Amish Communities to Keep Children Safe

Jeanette Harder


Providing Parents with Advice about Alternatives to Psychological Maltreatment: A Survey of Professionals in the Field of Child Maltreatment

Amy J. L. Baker, Marla R. Brassard and Janet F. Rosenzweig


Systematic Review of Foster Parent Recruitment

Ryan Hanlon, Alanna Feltner, Angelique Day, Lori Vanderwill, JaeRan Kim and Elise J. Dallimore


A Case Study of the Nutritional Status of Children Living in a Residential Care Institution in Mexico City

Claudia Nieto, Georgina Ibáñez, Benjamin Aceves, Isabel Valero-Morales, Yareni Gutiérrez-Gómez and

Ana Gabriela Maafs-Rodríguez