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Child Welfare Journal Vol. 96, No. 1 Special Issue: LGBTQ (Digital PDF)
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In this Special Issue:
A Note on Terminology
From the Editor: Gay and No Place to Go, Redux
Special Foreword: It is Time to Start Counting Kids Who are LGBTQ in Child Welfare
Tracey Feild
Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative: Experiences and Outcomes of Youth who are LGBTQ
Jeffrey M. Poirier, Sandy Wilkie, Kristin Sepulveda and Tania Uruchima
Creating Safer Spaces for Youth who are LGBTQ in Broward County, Florida: Collecting SOGIE Data for
Life-Coaching Services
Marissa L. Greif-Hackett and Sue Gallagher
Strengthening Family Connections and Support for Youth in Foster Care who Identify as LGBTQ: Findings from the PII-RISE Evaluation
Jaymie Lorthridge, Marneena Evans, Leanne Heaton, Andrea Stevens and Lisa Phillips
Gender Diversity and Child Welfare Research: Empirical Report and Implications of the Los Angeles County Foster Youth Study
Soon Kyu Choi and Bianca D. M. Wilson
‘Because We’re Fighting to Be Ourselves’: Voices from Former Foster Youth who are Transgender and Gender Expansive
Sarah Mountz, Moshoula Capous-Desyllas and Elizabeth Pourciau
Queering the Question: Using Survey Marginalia to Capture Gender Fluidity in Housing and Child Welfare
Amy Castro Baker, Kel Kroehle, Henisha Patel and Carrie Jacobs