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Managing Money: Spending and Saving Wisely
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Product Code: 0401
ISBN: 978-1587600401
Author: Mary Ellen Pellegrini
Published 2008

How do I plan a budget? How do I pay my bills on time? Why don't I have money at the end of the month? How do I set up a bank account? Learn the answers to these questions in Managing Money: Spending and Saving Wisely, a new workbook for people learning to organize their finances for the first time. Managing Money offers common sense tools and advice for creating and sticking to a realistic budget. This is a useful resource for individuals and group-learning environments. Each section of the book comes with easy-to-use charts and ends with a test. A perfect tool for building independent living skills.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Setting Up a Budget
  • Developing Habits that Help a Budget Succeed
  • Keeping Spending Under Control
  • Stretching Your Money
  • Selecting Bank Accounts and Services
  • Signs of Progress
  • Guidelines for a Successful Budget