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PRIDE Advanced and Specialized Training: Teens in Care: Supporting Attachment (6 hours)
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This module addresses the knowledge and skills foster parents need to promote attachment and build positive relationships with the teens in care. Many teens have experienced repeated traumas and loss, which affect their ability to develop secure and healthy attachments. The most challenging teen behaviors are associated with attachment issues. This module provides a basis for understanding how trauma and loss affect the teen. The content of this module builds upon the PRIDE Core Module Understanding and Promoting Preteen and Teen Development.

Session One examines the concepts of early attachment and how these affect the teen's capacity for relationship building. Participants are encouraged to look at how a child develops certain behaviors as a response to trauma and loss. From a strengths-based perspective, these behaviors may initially be adaptive, but over time may become less effective or even detrimental to the youth. This session is designed to build empathy and understanding of the teen's perspective.

Session Two explores specific strategies and approaches for working with teens who have attachment needs. Participants consider how traditional parenting approaches are relationship-based and therefore likely to be ineffective. Then they consider creative approaches to parenting. Foster parents receive concrete advice on how to support teens' transitions into their families, as well as day-to-day tips for building relationships with teens in their care.