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Child Welfare Journal, Vol. 90, No. 2
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• Methods of Evaluating Child Welfare in Indian Country: An Illustration
• Content Matters: Real-World and Utilization-Focused Evaluation Strategies to Support Change and Improvement in Child Welfare
• Conducting Culturally Competent Evaluations of Child Welfare Programs and Practices
• Collaborative Research in Child Welfare: A Rationale for Rigorous Participatory Evaluation Designs to Promote Sustained Systems Change
• Comparing Child Protective Investigation Performance Between Law Enforcement Agencies and Child Welfare Agencies
• Housing Services for Child Welfare-Involved Families: An Initial Evaluation Using Observational Data
• Predicators of Placement Stability at the State Level: The Use of Logistic Regression to Inform Practice
• Organizational Factors and the Implementation of Family to Family: Contextual Elements of Systems Reform