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Recording: 2020 Energizer - FERC Pass-Through Taxation and Income Tax Allowance Recovery Policy
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2020 FERC Pass-Through Taxation and Income Tax Allowance Recovery Policy Discussion



EBA's Young Lawyers Council and FERC Practice Committee present a critical discussion on FERC's Income Tax Allowance Recovery Policy for pass-through tax corporate structures in the Gas, Electric, and Oil Industries. During the two hour program, you will learn more information about the following:

  • The current state of MLP Income Tax Allowance Policy at FERC & DC Circuit
  • Application to Non-MLP Pass-Through Entities (LLCs, LPs, etc.)

  • Application in Gas, Electric, and Oil Industries

After the Energizer, you will have a better understanding of how evolving FERC & Judicial opinions plus unanswered questions may affect your utility's or service provider's entitlement to an Income Tax Allowance.


Jones,_Greg Rancilio,_Erica Mone,_Phil Sosnick,_Ken Seltzer,_Brad

Greg JonesAssistant General Counsel, Regulatory, GridLiance
Erica RancilioPartner, Thompson Coburn (Shipper Perspective)
Phil MonePartner, Van Ness Feldman (Pipeline Perspective)
Ken SosnickManaging Director, FTI Consulting (Technical Perspective)
Brad SeltzerPartner, Eversheds Sutherland (Tax Perspective)